Nixie Keith Shop

I do not have a "shop" per se. I have lots of stuff I can sell, however.
Please drop me an email with anything you are interest in. I have bare circuit boards (PCBs), kits, and fully-built devices. I am perfectly willing to bundle-up something if you want to make something; or if you just want something made, I can see if I can do that as a custom-built "thing".
I respect all copyrights! All kits are by permission of the designer, self-designed, or are open source. If you want a T-Shirt, please send me an email to check availability.
T-Shirt prices are $24 (including postage U.S. only). XXL and XXXL are available for $26 postage included (U.S. only).
Contact me via email for specific prices and availability of anything else you see or might want. I make LOTS of clocks and counters and sensors that leverage Nixies and such.

  1. Dekatron Shirt
  2. Magic Eye Shirt
  3. PCBs
  4. Kits to build stuff
  5. Magic Eye T-Shirt
  6. Dekatron T-Shirt