Nixie Keith News
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Glow tube Glow is now on FACEBOOK!
Search Facebook for "Glow Tube Glow" or click the button above.

Facebook is updated regularly. This site is not. See the Tindie store for kits and stuff to build your own toys.
I should be at Dragon*Con 2017!

I was asked again to attend Dragon*Con for 2017.
T-Shirts are in, too! I have both Tees and all sizes still available. Drop me an email if you want one. The store is open!
I am have the following items for sale on the Tindie Store or contact me directly:
  • Weather Clock as seen in on the table and here in the gallery. I have raw bare PCBs, PCBs with pre-loaded SMD chips (the CPU and HV Serial/parallel chip).
  • Arduinix shield for any Nixie on an arduino. I have raw bare PCBs and have complete kits. I make a lot of these. They are very handy if you play with Nixies.
  • Smart Nixie stand-alone Arduino-based nixie boards for IN-14 nixies.
  • Tom Titon's Steins:gate Divergence meters. See images for an example. I will be making a proper box soon. I have raw bare PCBs and will soon also complete build kits. I am reloading my supply of components for this build. I make a lot of these.

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